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Hausverwaltung, hausverwalter ulm, hausverwalter senden, hausverwalter vergleich, bester hausverwalter,  WEG-verwaltung Ulm, Wegverwaltung Ulm, hausverwaltung neu Ulm, Wegverwaltung,Unsere Mitarbeiter besitzen ein fundiertes Wissen im Miet- und Wohnungseigentümerrecht. Wir bieten eine professionelle Verwaltung rund um Ihr Objekt. Dazu gehören Abschluss von Wartungs- und Versicherungsverträgen Abwicklung des täglichen Zahlungsverkehrs, Erstellen der Jahresabrechnung, sowie das Vorbereiten der jährlichen Eigentümervervsammlung mit den Verwaltungsbeiräten und dessen Durchführung. Darüber hinaus erstellen unsere kompetenten Partner aus der Energiebranche für Ihr Gebäude einen Energieausweis oder den nötigen Energiefahrplan zur Beantragung von Förderungen im Rahmen von Modernisierung und Sanierung. Bei der Durchführung von Gebäudesanierungen stehen wir Ihnen mit Rat und kompetenten Fachpartnern zur Seite, begleiten diese wo möglich und sorgen auch für nötige Abnahmen der Handwerkerleistungen. 


We think practically, the easier we make your life, the happier you are as a customer

Our employees have in-depth knowledge of tenancy and home ownership law. We offer professional management for all aspects of your property.
This includes the conclusion of maintenance and insurance contracts, processing of daily payment transactions, preparation of the annual accounts, as well as the preparation of the annual owners' meeting with the administrative advisory board and its implementation. In addition, our competent partners from the energy industry will create an energy certificate for your building or the necessary energy roadmap for applying for subsidies as part of modernization and renovation. When carrying out building renovations, we are at your side with advice and competent specialist partners, accompany them where possible and also ensure the necessary acceptance of the craftsmen's services. 



Commercial Administration

  • Monitoring incoming payments, processing payment transactions via the community account

  • Management of understandable and transparent bookkeeping, accounting that is comprehensible at all times

  • Clear annual statement with individual and total items with identification of tax-relevant information

  • Creation of a tax certificate according to §35a EStG (household-related services and craftsman services)

  • Free property management accounts

  • Examination of your insurance needs, as well as termination, adjustment and conclusion of insurance contracts and settlement of insurance claims.



Administration in accordance with the Home Ownership Act (WEG)

  • Legally secure management in accordance with the legal provisions, the specifications in the declaration of division and the resolutions of the community of owners

  • Preparation of the annual accounts and the business plan

  • Preparation, convening and implementation of owner meetings

  • Clear and unambiguously worded resolutions

  • Preparing the minutes of the owners' meeting and keeping the collection of resolutions

  • Proper execution of owner resolutions

Technical Management

  • Periodic property inspections and arranging of cosmetic repairs and maintenance measures during the year (according to previously contractually defined cost limits or according to the owner's decision)

  • Review of the regular maintenance of technical systems and safety technology, such as heating, elevators, roller shutters or fire protection systems

  • Recognize, estimate and prepare maintenance measures ready for decision

  • Cooperation with professionals commissioned by the community of owners (architects, engineers, appraisers or experts)



Other support and cooperation with the Administrative Advisory Board

  • Contact person for questions about home ownership

  • Providing information on questions about billing, business plan and owner decisions

  • Direct contact with the Administrative Advisory Board and inclusion of its supporting activities

  • Carrying out the annual audit with the administrative advisory board or selected auditors


State-of-the-art technology / information available at any time! 


  • All relevant data is available at a glance and updated daily. In addition, owners have access to all files that the manager has released (e.g. accounts, business plans, minutes of meetings).

  • With our state-of-the-art technology and management software, you can easily access data, documents, statistics and forms in real time via smartphone, tablet or PC and also communicate with us.

  • Owners/tenants are informed of important messages (house rules, meter readings, maintenance) on the bulletin board (online and in the property).



   Pecuniary damage liability insurance with a coverage of EUR 1,000,000 

   We are a member of the IVD


Your advantages with Worena property management 

financial management:Forward-looking, planning and clear.

Reach your destination faster: Billings are prepared with the utmost care and within the first three months after the suppliers' final bills are available. 

Our billing promise: Comprehensible and detailed accounts that do justice to current case law, as well as differentiation between apportionable and non-apportionable costs in the overall statement and in the individual statements.

Your tax benefit: For our customers, we issue a certificate of household-related services in accordance with §35a EStG free of charge. By working with a large tax office, we are always up to date. 

Your legal certainty: Minutes that reflect the decision situation factually and precisely and leave no room for misinterpretation. 

Your planning security:We discuss upcoming repairs or renovations with individually selected experts and always negotiate the best possible offer for you. 

Your service portal: If you wish, you can view all of your information, such as utility bills and minutes of owners' meetings, on a protected page at any time. Advisory board members have the opportunity to check   invoices online promptly. 

On the safe side:  We have pecuniary damage liability insurance with coverage of

EUR 1,000,000.00.

Examination of your insurance needs, as well as termination, adjustment and conclusion of insurance contracts and settlement of insurance claims.

We meet all commercial professional licensing rules according to § 34c der trade regulations.

Our know-how: Thanks to many years of experience in building management, customer service and the commercial sector, we know that ongoing training is important and absolutely necessary. We assure you that we are always at the best possible level of knowledge for you and that we continue to educate ourselves regularlyIn addition, we are real estate managers     (IHK certified), real estate agents (IHK)

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