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We want to ensure that your property retains its value and gives you sustainable returns. Your tenants should feel comfortable in a solid, well-managed area and be able to go about their business undisturbed. 

You can focus on other things and let us do all the administrative work. 

For this we take care of all tasks for building maintenance, servicing and modernization if necessary. 

We take care of communicating with your tenants and take care of all the tasks that arise, such as utility bills, managing your rental income, renewing or terminating contracts and helping you find new tenants. 

Increased value through high standards

Our tasks ​​

  • We support you in selecting the right tenants and, after a thorough credit check, take over the negotiation and preparation of the rental agreements.  

  • The creation of complete handover protocols documented with photos in the event of a change of tenant

  • When monitoring the contracts, we always keep an eye on any rent increases, contract extensions or terminations and carry them out automatically

  • We take care of all communication with the tenant and also create utility bills (including sales tax), 

  • We take care of all correspondence with tenants, leaseholders and other third parties 

  • Worena Real Estate Management carries out all of your payment transactions for the property on your behalf. You will receive a clear annual statement based on the principles of proper bookkeeping 

  • We carry out regular property inspections to determine clearly recognizable technical and optical defects. These are comprehensively documented in pictures and writing. In consultation with you, measures are taken to maintain or modernize the building.  

  • Immediate measures in emergencies are initiated, documented and checked independently by us

  • Recording and processing of insurance claims

  • Conclusion and coordination of service contracts (e.g. brokerage contracts) for the rental of vacant or vacant rental space

  • Management of keys/locking systems

  • Drafting of contracts with energy suppliers and insurance companies

  • Representation towards authorities, craftsmen and other parties involved

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Note: You can revoke your consent at any time for the future by sending an email to*

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+ 49 731 250 89 363

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